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How to Prep For Every Summer Road Trip

Take Care of Your Car - Unless you live in an area where there is ready and accessible public transport, you need a car. When you purchase a car, routine maintenance can be low on your priority list unless it’s an auto inspection or an unexpected emergency like your check engine light comes or your transmission goes, but making regular maintenance can make a difference in preserving the longevity of the car.

That’s why it’s important to maintain your car throughout the year, so that you can do what you can to prevent any emergency from happening that’s within your control.

Pack Early - We’ve all done it. We’ve pre-planned a trip for a week at a exotic location, we know what we’re going to do and who’s coming with us, but we wait till 1 hour before our flight or drive to pack an entire week’s worth of clothing.

We get it. It’s annoying as all heck to have to pack multiple suitcases - but just think how much more frustrating it is doing it last minute. We found a simple, yet effective way to manage packing for multiple days and that is to break it down into small, manageable chunks. Each day leading up to your trip, spend at least an hour a day committing to getting ready for your trip. That way, before you know it, you’ll be able to just pack your car and head off to your trip peacefully instead of stressed.

Pack an Emergency Kit - In all honesty, it should be two: one for your car and one for yourself and your passengers. Honestly, you should have this set-up year round. You never know when an emergency situation may arise.

You could blow out a tire with a pothole. Or your engine could overheat due to low oil. And if you’re traveling a distance and in a rural area you could be a long way from a service center. An emergency with your vehicle can really throw a monkey wrench in your plans and cause undue stress. By having a few necessary items that can help you cover a surprise, emergency situation can make all the difference.

What should you include in an emergency kit for your car? You have two options. You can either create one from scratch with the items we’ve listed below or you can buy one pre-maid on Amazon.com.

Car Emergency Kit Items:

  • Tire Pressure Gauge

  • Jumper Cable

  • A Flashlight with extra batteries

  • A Quart Motor Oil

  • Can of Fix-a-Flat

  • A Small Tool Kit

  • A Gallon of Coolant

  • A heated blanket

  • A mid-sized tool kit

  • Two Light Sticks

Personal Emergency Kit Items:

  • Rubbing Alcohol

  • Bandages/Gauze

  • Digital Thermometer

  • Painkillers

  • Distilled Water

  • Scissors

  • Tweezers

  • Antiseptic Cream

Make sure that you have a Personal and a Car Emergency Kit that allows you to be prepared for any situation that may arise.

Plan Your Route

Plan your route. ESPECIALLY if it’s your first time traveling your location. It’s easy to get lost and it’s no fun starting of what is supposed to be a relaxing trip,upset and annoyed over being lost and trying to find your location.

Make sure to do your research. Take a few minutes - via phone or computer - to know the details about where you will be staying. Is that area safe? Is there parking readily available or do you need to have cash to pay a meteor? Do you have to leave your car at a destination and walk to where you’ll be staying?

Does there tend to be a lot of traffic heavy at certain times while your on the road? Will you be on a highway where there is not a rest stop for a long period of time? Or is the route you take prone to accidents?

Knowing all these things ahead of time can be a real asset before you head the road! And if you’re looking to trade your car in and buy a new one, look know further then John’s Rt.13 Auto Sales. We’ve been proudly serving the area for over 15 years and we’d love for you to be our next customer!

Meet Our Service Team!

John’s Rt.13 Auto Sales has been proudly the Bucks County, PA  for over fifteen years with the finest selection of used trucks, cars, and SUV’s. What most people don’t know is that we also own a Service Center. JJS Auto Repair and Tire - is a full service Auto Shop that treats each customer like family.

We treat each service request with honesty, respect, and integrity. We go above and beyond to make sure your customer experience is an exceptional one - whether it’s a PA State Inspection or Oil Change. And our Service Team has extensive experience in the Automotive Repair Industry and never hesitate to make sure each customer stays informed and is treated fairly.

If you’re looking for a new Auto Shop - look no further than our Service Center for your next service appointment!

Give us a Call at 215-547-1404 - Our Service Member Brian would be happy to assist you!


4 Day Trips You Can Take For Memorial Day!

Spring is flying by! And before you know it, we'll celebrate Memorial Day weekend and be just a few short weeks from the beginning of summer. It's the perfect time to start planning trips with your friends and vacations with your family. If you don't have the bandwidth to take an entire week off from work, why not take a day trip? If you're low on time, but still want to have fun - a day trip is always an excellent idea! Here are some of our staff's top choices for local day trips: 

Philadelphia Zoo - The Philadelphia Zoo is still a good choice! They have some pretty amazing exhibits and summer events this year. Like their Summer Ale Festival that offers specialty brews and live entertainment. There's also their family-friendly Wild Ropes Course - that provides trails, obstacles, and a zip line. And tons of animal exhibits that could satisfy any interest! 

Atlantic City - If you want to experience the glitz of Las Vegas, but don't want to catch a flight - you should try heading to Atlantic City for the weekend. From trying your luck at one of their Casinos, dining at one of their stellar restaurants like Carmine's Italian Restaurants or Buddaken, or layout near the beach to work on your tan - their's endless possibilities for how you can spend your day. 

Hershey Park - The ultimate family experience! If you love premium chocolate, rollercoasters, and camping, you have to spend the day here! You can stay at their lovely campground the boasts an arcade and pool or the immaculate Hersey Hotel. You can take a tour of Chocolate World and learn about the history of how the Hershey brand started, then wander over to their amusement park with over 50 rides to choose from and a water park! 
Hellericks Family Farm - Has been a staple of the Bucks County, PA community for some time now. It's a great place to spend a fun-filled afternoon if you have smaller children. They offer an aerial adventure park,  obstacle course, GOAT Yoga, and an adventure farm. You can event grab pantry staples, dessert, and fresh produce grown locally at their farm to go! 

We hope you found some neat ideas for where to go with your family or friends your next free weekend! And if you're looking for your next vehicle, don't forget to stop into our Memorial Day Weekend Sale! Where we'll be offering up to 25% over regional value for any car trade in! Yes, you heard us, right! We have a fantastic selection of cars, trucks, and SUV's that we'd love to show you! Check out our inventory here. And don't hesitate to reach out to us at 215-943-0900 for more details. 

5 Ways to Spend the Memorial Day Weekend in Philly

It’s hard to believe, but in less than two weeks we’ll be kicking off Memorial Day weekend! Memorial Day is a day of remembrance for the brave men and women who’ve served our country. And for most, it also signifies the kick-off of the summer, which means warmer weather, vacations and school-free days.

If you decided to skip the Jersey Shore this year and want a little more excitement than attending a backyard BBQ, why not take a trip to Philadelphia for the holiday weekend! we’ve curated a list of some of the top events to attend Memorial Day Weekend in Philadelphia!

Philly Photo Pop - Philly PR Girl, LLC is hosting a new temporary, interactive pop-up exhibit that launches May 15th, 2019. This year’s theme is “Sweet Paradise,” and will be held at The Bourse in Center City. This new exhibit will host 25 installations and the work of local Philadelphia Artists.

Fireworks & Fountains Show - Longwood Gardens has some amazing fountain performances. And on May 26th, 2019 they’ll host a patriotic fountain performance that will mix history and music for a 12 minute spectacular. It’s an excellent way to spend the holiday weekend with your family.

NBCUniversal Memorial Salute - get your free ticket today for a concert with the Philly Pops at the Mann Center! On May 25th, 2019 a 65-piece orchestra will play classic American songs and showtunes as a part of the Philly Pops “Salute Series.” Grab your tickets before they sell out!

Independence Seaport Museum -You can purchase a ticket that will allow you to view the museum, cruiser Olympia and submarine Becuna. And then watch an amazing fireworks display on the waterfront from a prime location on May 25th.

Independence After Hours - Celebrate Memorial Day weekend by taking a walking tour of some of the most historic locations in Philadelphia. The tour will start at the Museum of the American Revolution, than you’ll cover several blocks and conclude your tour with an 18th Century inspired dinner at City Tavern.

No matter how you plan on spending your holiday, we hope you found some exciting ideas on how to spend your Memorial Day Holiday! If you happen to be in the Levittown, PA area for the weekend and are looking to buy your next car - make sure to stop by our Memorial Day Weekend Sale were we’ll be offering up to 25% over regional value for any car traded in to kick-off our Summer of Deals!


Memorial Day Weekend Sale!!!

We are starting off our "Summer of Deals," were for the each month of the summer we will be hosting a different promotion to help you find the next car of your dreams! And we're kicking things off with out Memorial Day Weekend Sale starting May 23rd to May 27th, 2019! We have a huge selection of used cars, trucks, and SUV's and to make it easy to find and select your next car, we're offering up to 25% over regional value for any car trade in! So make sure to stop by, because you won't want to miss this awesome event! 

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